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Africa BBC News.
Full article Cape Town urged to turn off toilet taps. Video 203: Trump honoured to be friends with Kagame. The US president and the new head of the African Union sing the praises of each others countries. 26 January 2018.
Israel's' plan to force out African migrants BBC News.
Video duration 346.: Israel sending away African migrants Jump to media player The BBC has evidence that Israel is sending unwanted African migrants to other countries under secretive deals which may be in breach of international law. 03 Feb 16.
Latest South African News News24.
Mogoeng concerned over threats to some judges in Africa. Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has expressed concern over fellow judges in some African countries, as he closed the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa in KwaZulu-Natal. Mogoengs deep-seated agony and bafflement over majority ConCourt judgment.
The bittersweet and spicy history of South African cuisine Explore Parts Unknown.
Nor, sadly, do we have time to explore the sosatie, marinated chicken or lamb chunks sharing a skewer with various spiced fruits and vegetables in another sign of the vast debt owed to the Malay influence on most South African cuisine.
African Wikipedia.
The African essay, a story by French author J. The African Conton novel, a novel by William Farquhar Conton. The African Courlander novel, a novel by Harold Courlander. The Africans radio program. African, a song by Peter Tosh from his 1977 album Equal Rights.
Why some African Americans are moving to Africa Ghana Al Jazeera.
From Senegal and Ghana to The Gambia, communities are emerging in defiance of conventional wisdom that Africa is a continent everyone is trying to leave. It is estimated that between 3000, and 5000, African Americans live in Accra, the Ghanaian capital.
Home African Innovation Foundation.
The African Innovation Foundation AIF signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with The African Academy of Sciences AAS today in Nairobi, to create more value and enhance cooperation, interaction, and knowledge sharing in Science, Technology and Innovation STI in Africa.

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